What is GoSeconds?

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A New Line-busting Technology for the Permian Basin 

We bring convenience, accuracy, timeliness, and fun to Takeout / Delivery

It’s time to eat and your hungry now, but you don’t want to wait in line and waste valuable time.  So what do you do?  Its simple once you’ve opened the app or go online we show you the closest online enabled restaurants to your location so you can Get Fed Faster!  Place your order in Seconds and by the time you drive to the restaurant your order is hot and ready!  Or just order delivery from our restaurants that offer it.  Easy Peeasy!
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Easy Order Customization

Picky Eater? Don’t worry We are too!

We understand how important it is to get your order right!  So with our easy interface you can easily add a menu option by pressing or take away a menu option by pressing , or you can simply add a note to your order.  The restaurant receives the order and will make it just like you like it!

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Schedule Ahead & Save Your Favorites

Have a Short Lunch Break?

Let’s face it now days everyone is short on time.  Seconds can help you make the most of your hectic day.  Save your favorite orders and even schedule your order hours before you get hungry.  The restaurant will receive the order and have it ready for your desired pickup / delivery time.


How do I Create a GoSeconds Account?

Download app from iTunes or Google Play Store


Press “Create login” in top right corner.

Fill out all needed info.

That should get you on your way.


Be sure you enter your information correctly, especially your email (for order confirmation), phone # (for order changes), and credit / debit card info (for order payment).

Can I change my order after I place it?

If you hurry you may be able to.  Call the restaurant and explain the circumstance as soon as you can.

Did my order go through?

If you received your email confirmation, then your order has been sent to the restaurant.

Is your site secure? How can I be sure?

Yes, Yes , Yes, and Yes!. We use the highest security standards to make sure your information is secure at all times. We communicate only your order to the restaurant (address and phone number – no payment details).

What about credit card info?

Your information is securely transmitted, and your monthly statement will reflect a charge from GoSeconds

How can I use GoSeconds Promo Codes?

Promo codes may be applied to any restaurant that accepts pre-paid orders. During ‘Review Cart Screen’, you simply enter the Promo Code.

I have a question that wasn't addressed!

No worries, we have the answer. Just send us a email at enjoy@goseconds.com and we will help you out. Or give us a call 432-242-1890.   We are local and would love to hear from you.